have camera, will travel

Rollei 4X4 Replica courtesy of Collectors Weekly

Toronto. A collector down in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mcheconi, wrote about his find some eight or so years ago – a giant baby Rollei.  The oversize camera served as a promotional object and advertisement for the famous Rollei brand. Mcheroni’s article, “1930’s Giant Baby Rolleiflex 4×4 Promotional Replica” appears on the Collectors Weekly website.

For years it had a place of preference in a store window of a camera store in Rio de Janeiro. The writer tells of its construction and history, from manufacture by Rollei in Germany to its home in Brazil.

If you happened to have visited our Show and Tell back in December 2006, you may remember seeing Shelton Chen’s display of dummy cameras and cut-aways. Shelton owns Hit Camera here in the big smoke. At one time giant replica’s were a way to flog camera models.

Thanks to friend and fellow PHSC member, Russ Forfar, for suggesting this item and showing me the article link. Note that the title of the post is a riff on the 1950/60 TV and radio series, “Have Gun, Will Travel“, featuring Richard Boone on the TV version as Paladin.

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