Goad’s Atlas of the City of Toronto

Charles Goad of Montreal created beautiful maps of the blossoming city of Toronto. It was not unusual for map making and surveying to be based in Montreal in that era since Montreal was the primiere city in the young country of Canada. Nathan Ng has “cobbled together” four of Goad’s books for years 1884, 1890, 1893, and 1899 ┬ápresenting them in all their colourful glory. Nathan admits that the maps are readily available in the public domain, but searching and sometimes viewing them is a challenge. His contribution at his Recursion blog is a simple set of overview maps. Clicking on any area produces the associated plate in any modern browser. Nathan also publishes the street and plate cross-reference for the maps, as well as a history of Charles Goad. Treat yourself to a visit by clicking here at the Recursion blogspot.

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