a call for participation in our virtual programme

Celio’s Logo for the Virtual Programme

Toronto. In a recent post, I mentioned we plan to replace our regular in-person monthly meetings with alternatives. This comment was quickly acted upon by our Programme Coordinator after his proposal was discussed at this past Wednesday’s Executive meeting.

This message will appear in our PHSC News this week (I will forward any emails directly to Celio. Our email address is info@phsc.ca).:


PHSC Virtual Programming announcement & call
The fight against COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact in our programming, locking us out of our venue, restricting our movements, and ability to gather indoors (and now outdoors too). Due to this dynamic situation, The PHSC is launching the PHSC Virtual Programme this fall with a variety of online talks, webinars, tutorials and more!
We are inviting those of you who’d like to participate in our First-Ever PHSC Virtual Show & Tell! Do you have a photographic gem you’d love to share with our beloved and respected members and friends? Please get in touch with us with your interest. We’re looking for 4 or 5 interesting pieces with unusual stories. Tickets for the V-S&T (Virtual Show & Tell) will be available at Eventbrite.ca, free for members, $10 for non-members. Stay tuned for the line-up and date announcement.
To express your interest, please get in touch with us through our email or our instagram account @P.H.S.Canada. Gear, cameras, lenses, images, publications, and any other gems in your photographica collection you wish to talk about are OK.
Celio H. Barreto
PHSC Programme Coordinator
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