just a girl and her camera

self portrait of Geraldine Moodie c1896

Toronto. At a ZOOM meeting the other day, Celio, noted the most popular posts to our Instagram site were photos of photographers with their cameras. Celio collaborated with our newest PHSC exec recruit, Alexandra, to find a way to celebrate Women History Month (October) and came up with the idea of Wednesday posts of women photographers and their cameras.

Celio writes, “Did you know that this month is Women’s History Month (WHM) in Canada? This month-long annual celebration first began in 1992 when the Government of Canada designated October as WHM. We thought this would be the perfect time for a new Instagram series …#WomanCrushWednesday! Each Wednesday, we’ll highlight a woman photographer. Check us out on Instagram @P.H.S.Canada!”.

I took a page from Bob Lansdale’s most recent Photographic Canadiana journal (46-3) and used a Glenbow Museum photo of Geraldine Moodie that Lisandra Cortina de la Noval  used in her article in 46-3 on Moodie (dubbed as the first female photographer in Canada).

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