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Eugene Smith in a LIFE essay March 10, 1958

Toronto. In the 1958 issue of LIFE magazine, dated March 10, 1958, on page 107 and later, W Eugene Smith’s work is featured in an article called “A Camera Masterpiece”. A short essay titled “Drama beneath a City Window” accompanies the photographs.

You have to scroll down to page 107 below the colour ads since someone screwed up the index on Google’s web site so only the first 30 or so pages are listed (a paltry three articles).

In June of 1977, I bought a copy of “Darkroom” published in soft cover by Lustrum Press and edited by Eleanor Lewis. Included is an essay by W Eugene Smith. A baker’s dozen American professional photographers discuss some of their favourite photographic prints and how they achieved the special look of each print in the darkroom.

My thanks to George Dunbar for pointing out this essay and Smith’s photos.

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