ice cream and analogue

hazy, lazy days of summer

Toronto. Did you know today, July 21st, is international ice cream day for year 2019? My thanks to Rita Godlevskis over at PhotoEd magazine for noting this epic event. The analogue (she uses the American spelling which skips the “ue” on the end) of course is the modern term for film photography which is more of an analogue process vs. digital.

Slide rules, nomograms, speedometers, gas gauges, etc are all analogue too. Pianos, telephone numbers, house numbers, digital cameras and even modern computers (using the base 2 – a long series of zeros and ones to give a discrete memory address, machine language code, etc.) are digital.

Have a look at the PhotoEd site (or the spring/summer issue of the magazine) while you enjoy some ice cream this sweltering weekend!

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