uh-oh, colour film – again

Metropolis Film

Toronto. For those of you who were born in the digital era, Colour NEGATIVE film was used before digital to make colour prints. Like black and white film, the illumination was reversed and an enlarger made the shades correct for the eye. In the case of colour negative film, colours are also reversed using complementary colours (look it up). Sometimes the film also had a filter layer – usually orange – in varying degrees of intensity.

The folks at Lomography have a passion for film and frequently announce new versions of film cameras and lenses. Some of their cameras use the Fuji film version of Polaroid packs (Instax).

They recently announced a col0ur negative film in various still-popular formats. Like Ilford’s XP-1, their film can be exposed in various ISO ratings – all incredibly slow in these days of digital sensors (ISO 100, 200, 400).

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