light where you need it

MY-T-MYTE flashbulb ad

Toronto. In the days when photographers used flash to create the light needed to take a shot indoors, prints with burned out highlights were common. One company promoted the solution to be the MY-T-MYTE flashbulb – a lower output bulb by Norelco which was less likely to over expose the photo. Everywhere else the company was known as Philips but Philco in the states managed to block the use of the name so Norelco was used in the States – of course up here Norelco meant Northern Electric Company…

Thanks to George Dunbar for bringing to light:-) this advertisement on page 66 of the November 23, 1953 issue of LIFE magazine (LIFE is a wonderful source for nostalgic photographic ads as are the various old issues of National Geographic magazine.)

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