A great Kodak

Kodak Signet 35 from the 1950s/60s

Toronto. The August 13, 1953 issue of LIFE magazine (page 87) touted this camera that chose to compete with the pricier Leicas and Zeiss cameras of the day. The Signet 35 has an f/3.5 lens – likely based on the famous Tessar design.

The camera has a coupled rangefinder and a leaf shutter with a top speed of 1/300th second. This model was the best of the series. It had a few adjustments. It competed more with fixed lens and auxiliary element lens cameras than with the high end German makes. Special models were made for the American military as well.

Thanks to George Dunbar for sourcing the LIFE ad for this Kodak model that tried to compete with fancier and more professional cameras of that era.

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