the Rexo – an old option to Kodak

B&J Rex0 camera of 1919
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Toronto. Before Kodak became the “Great Yellow Father“, it had serious competitors in the camera department. One such option was the Burke & James Rexo camera. Eastman was aggressive in eradicating competition, but B&J managed to stay afloat.

I came across B&J much later (1970s or 1980s) and once had a primitive 4×5 enlarger they made. Once I managed to tracked it down in this house, I sold it to another PHSC executive member decades ago.

The Rexo folder followed the traditional camera design of the time, competing with similar cameras made by Kodak and others who went after the amateur market.

For more details on this old gem, have a look at the article on the “Made in Chicago Museum” website. And thanks to PHSC member and friend George Dunbar.┬áIt was George who emailed me about finding the interesting Made in Chicago Museum web site, a source of many very interesting articles about products once made in the windy city.

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