Ansco camera ad in 1953

Ansco Cameras in a 1953 ad

Toronto. Ah! Ansco. This ad appeared in 1953, about 25 years before Ansco became GAF (it was a subsidiary of GAF since 1939).  Never strong up here, one bought Ansco to avoid the leader of good inexpensive cameras РKodak.

Have a look at the ad and reminisce on the good old days when one bought Ansco to defy “Big Yellow”. Personally, I used Anscochrome colour slide film. At 32 ASA, it was faster than the Kodachrome¬†(I used it too) of the day. And more importantly, it was sold in bulk and you could develop it yourself! The film and process were patterned on the Agfa process which also used large molecule colour couplers.

My thanks once again to friend and PHSC member George Dunbar for taking the time to ferret out this bit of memorabilia from over six decades ago when film was king with no alternatives in sight!

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