made in Chicago

Clcik to see Charlie Chaplin
and a professional B&H
film camera

Toronto. One of the most famous names in movies was Bell & Howell who made cameras and projectors  in the windy city. The history of the company, once famous as the premier maker of movie cameras for Hollywood, is featured here in the Made in Chicago Museum.

Click on the above link and read how famous the B&H marque was in the many decades before it became synonymous with schlock gadgets made in  China and promoted to fleece the unwary consumer of his hard earned dollars.

I remember a close friend and one of our executive who at one time held a senior position in Canada with B&H. He was shocked after encouraging friends to buy a Bell+Howell digital camera that touted amazing bogus specifications in its advertisements. A hard way to learn that the once proud company had sold its name to the highest bidder and no longer controlled it or the quality of products carrying its once proud name.

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