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Sarah and George

Toronto. It was spring, 1954 and I was in what would become my last year of formal school for a decade. In its April 26, 1954 issue,  LIFE magazine offered two stimulating articles for photographers and photo-historians. The portrait of … Continue reading

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a gem of a photo resource and more …

Toronto. Journal editor and friend Bob Lansdale sent me a brief email the other day with this link to a  Hyperallergic Newsletter article.. The article in the newsletter by Claire Voon is dated December 26, 2016 and announces that George … Continue reading

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Leica, you say – LHSA

Toronto, In the early 1980s when I was treasurer and Ron Anger president of the national PHSC society, at an executive meeting held at the home of Ron and Ellen Anger, I was surprised to learn of the existence of … Continue reading

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International Radio Corporation

Toronto. In the 1930s, a small company in Ann Arbor, Michigan began manufacture of the latest, greatest thing – home radios. Their fresh egg was using Bakelite plastic for cabinets instead of expensive wood or metal cabinets. Their less expensive … Continue reading

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I’ll show you mine if …

Toronto. By the time Photographic  Canadiana issue 1-2 was released around March of 1975, the society had sorted out membership to be National (journal only) and Toronto (meetings plus journal). We had two organizations as well, a National society and … Continue reading

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a colourful book

Toronto. It was the 1970s and photography was growing in popularity with magazines, books, chemicals, printing paper, retailers, camera collecting societies, galleries, and studios popping up everywhere. In March of 1972, I stopped by the local Classics bookshop in Montreal … Continue reading

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PHSC News for December

Toronto. You received Sonja’s latest beautiful opus yesterday if you are on our MailChimp list. If you aren’t yet on the list, just click here and send us an  email to add you! The lead article Polarizing Photography features the … Continue reading

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Dummies for Cameras

Toronto. The other day I had a chat with John Linsky who had discovered a forgotten dummy camera in his collection (more on that in a later post). John’s mention of dummies brought back a wealth of memories. The late … Continue reading

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Adam Cornick, Halifax Photographer

Toronto. Halifax photographer Adam Cornick has captured a number of iconic scenes in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia including this gorgeous image of Peggy’s Cove in winter. I saw Peggy’s Cove in person over 4 decades ago and it is … Continue reading

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Annual Show and Tell meeting Dec 19, 2018

Toronto.  As we roar on to Christmas and the holidays, its our annual Show and Tell session. The date is December 19th this year. Click on the poster at left for details. (Thanks to Sonja for this delightful bit of … Continue reading

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