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Time after Time…

Toronto. We casually use our camera’s self timer today, but there was a time when such devices were a luxury and available only as an accessory. Leitz made its self timer for the Leica from 1938 – 1965. The little cylindrical … Continue reading

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A Level Headed Accessory

Toronto. Back in 1929, Leitz had a hit on their hands with the new Leica 35mm camera. Accessories helped photographers use the new minicam for things not otherwise possible or at least not in an easy manner. A couple of … Continue reading

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PHSC Elections April 2017

Toronto. Every two years the PHSC holds elections at our April meeting and we are always looking for volunteers. Members can mail in their choices and votes for the executive. Please follow the instructions in the latest issue of the Photographic Canadiana (42-3). … Continue reading

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Old Photo Oriented Magazines

Toronto. George Dunbar often discovers interesting web sites. When they pertain to photography, I receive an email which was the case two days ago. George came across the site “Slightly Out of Focus“.  This site is a book store specializing … Continue reading

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New Kodak Ektra Smartphone

Toronto. Member and ex membership secretary Dennis Cannon, sent a note to me and editor Bob Lansdale with a link to Kodak and their announcement of a new smartphone. Surprisingly, the smartphone is called a Kodak Ektra. Not surprisingly the camera … Continue reading

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Slow speed ahead…

Toronto. One of the perks of collecting Leicas is the vast array of accessories available – not just additional lenses, but close-up frames, lens elements, extension  tubes, view finders, rangefinders, timers, rings, hoods, bellows, flash guns … and a slow … Continue reading

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Schneider Kreuznach Tele-Arton Lens

Toronto. At one of our mid 1990s fairs held at the Queensway Lion’s Club, I picked up a small f/5.5 240mm telephoto lens in a Leica screw mount. It was sold to me by Jim McKeen. Jim was retired from his … Continue reading

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Your Photo is in the Mail – Review of October Presentation

Toronto. The Postcards of Reuben R Sallows is a talk by Mike Smith on Reuben Sallows of Goderich and the use of his photographs in magazines and on postcards. The short talk preceding Mr Smith is a brief overview of Orillia’s … Continue reading

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PHSC Image Show Downtown

Toronto. Well you asked us to hold the Image Show downtown and here it is! The show is on Sunday, November 27th, 2016 at the Arts and Letters Club. SORRY, ALL TABLES NOW SOLD! COME OUT AND SEE THE SHOW. … Continue reading

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PHSC News 16-6

Toronto. Editor David Bridge has issued another pdf newsletter in the new format. Much of the content was created by Sonja Pushchak and John Morden. The links are thanks to Louise Freyburger and the notes on the Braun Paxette and … Continue reading

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