44-4 being delivered this week

Photographic Canadiana 44-4

Toronto. Editor Bob Lansdale’s push despite the crummy weather resulted in the latest issue of the journal arriving this week by mail.

The editor’s cover shot is a still life of various stereo items from old cameras and cards to a View-Master and its Kodachrome disk.

Inside are a variety of articles to tempt every photography collector – those who favour cameras, or photos, or history. Toronto Notes and an insert cover four monthly presentations (October’s Lorne Shields presentation on antique bicycles and photography, November’s talk by Daphne Yuen on her thesis article about digitizing antique British photo albums, December’s traditional Show and Tell  meeting and via an insert, January’s visit to Ryerson’s RIC open house featuring a Kodak exhibit the PHSC funded).

Other articles cover tintypes, Boer War celebrations here over a century ago, the Ruby Stereo camera, our fall auction, a trip to England and the Megalethoscope, the Baillargeon letters from 1923, the transfer of historic slides to Ryerson and McCord via the PHSC, and how Kallitypes are made.

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