Good-bye Camelot…

mFv8dusjJ-jIcxT8AY52JvwToronto, November 22, 2013. Fifty years ago today Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Do you remember where you where? I was in a classroom across from the physics lab at Sir George Williams University (now part of Concordia) in downtown Montreal.

Recently the papers have been full of stories and details about Kennedy and his fateful day in Dallas. George Dunbar sent me this link to a columnist in today’s Toronto Star.

The 26 seconds of horror were recorded forever by Dallas clothier Abraham Zapruder with his Bell & Howell home movie camera. Today, versions of the movie are all over Youtube. Do a search and view one of the many copies of this grainy 8mm Kodachrome II colour film taken 50 years ago.

And, if you are old enough, think back to the end of Camelot….


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