Antique Photographica – The Collector’s Vision

51SIw+n9gnL._SY300_TORONTO, June 12, 2013. Bob Lansdale mentioned that his colleagues Bryan and Page Ginns have recently published a selection of articles in a book titled Antique Photographica, The Collector’s Vision.

Both Amazon USA and Amazon Canada have the book available at a lower price. Look for a review in an upcoming issue of Photographic Canadiana or the Newsletter.

Bob relates he “Just got in the new book by Bryan & Page Ginns (as editor): Antique Photographica: The Collector’s Vision. It is quite a heavy book (9×12) and full of knowledgeable authors such as Jack and Beverly Wilgus, Ralph London, Michael Pritchard, Greg French, Len Walle, Janice Schimmelman, Thomas Harris, Page & Bryan Ginns, Kenneth Rosen, Mike Kessler, Bobbi London, Richard Balzer, Sabine Ocker, Hugh Tifft & Jereme Rowe; each wrote on their particular collection forte. The topics cover a wide variety of titles from the Camera Obscura (before photography), through the cameras and images of the 19th and 20th century to colour and postcards.  Its reawakened my interest in other collectables. Its 274 pages, all colour.”

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