1956 and stereo is rising again

Exakta 3D ad from the
September 1956 issue
of Popular Photography

Toronto. In the 1950s, stereo made one of its periodic rises to the conscious mind of the common man. Books. cameras, attachments and movies touted the impressive 3D imagery. I remember seeing a 3D movie one Sunday starring Vincent Price in a theatre on the Main in Montreal.

Leitz had a number of 3D accessories for its cameras including the tiny Stereoly prisms that attached to its screw mount cameras (I have a Stereoly and arm in its original leather case).

But none of the special 3D cameras or accessories could compare with the Exakta and its 3D accessories. With a suitably equipped Exakta, one could view a scene in 3D before it was snapped! Of course, your eyes see in 3D too …

My thanks to George Dunbar who sent along this September 1956 Popular Photography ad for the Exakta V and VX accessory prisms and 3D viewer. Later cameras like the VXIIa or the Varex branded models could also use the 3D accessories.

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