180 years later

Expo Daguerre
Nov 7, 2018

Toronto. 180 years ago next January the world received the astonishing news that Louis Daguerre had invented a way to capture an image using the power of the sun and more, he had given his method to the world for free (except in Britain which was the natural “enemy” of France – there a license fee was charged).

A dozen years later in 1851, Daguerre died and was buried in the Paris suburb of Bry-sur-Marne, a small village a few kilometres from Paris along the river Marne. Today the tiny village is known for the monument on Daguerre’s grave and one of his dioramas, active and housed in its church.

This village is hosting Arts and Lights, a celebration of Louis Daguerre over November 7th-18th, 2018. On Saturday, November 10th there is a series of lectures about the history of photography beginning at 10 am with our own Dr Mike Robinson of Toronto.

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