Stan White: Examples of infrared stereo from digital cameras - May 17th, 2006

Stan White, Brantford Ontario

Stan White is well known throughout North America for his work in stereo imagery. He has also presented stereo shows in England, France and Switzerland. His background includes commercial photography and teaching at Sheridan College, Oakville campus. He is past editor of the stereo journal of the PSA and past chairman of its Stereo Division. Stan has also published articles in Stereo World and Photographic Canadiana

This page shows four stereo images recorded by Stan using a pair of Canon Digital Rebel cameras modified to record the near infrared instead of visible light. The two cameras had their IR blocking filter replaced by an IR passing/visble light blocking filter. The cameras are mounted on a stereo bar and images are captued on both cameras simultaneously allowing Stan to capture moving subjects such as the waterfall.

The images of Stan were taken after his presentation using my Sony F828. The "stereo pairs" were taken by shifting my weight from one foot to the other to approximate the shift in view point for the left and right eye. For each stereo image, the stereo pairs were combined in Photoshop and adjusted as required.

Stan White
by RobertLansdale

Thanks to Stan White for permission to show his near IR stereo images on this page. They were captured with a pair of modified Canon Rebel digital cameras. I took the stereos of Stan with my Sony F828 after his presentation. Adjustments of my images were made in Photoshop CS2. Contents and images are ©2006 by the Photographic Historical Society of Canada and Stan White. Contact PHSC if you would like more information.

Bob Carter

Tew Falls
dead tree by moonlight
old silo
Dundas woods

Near infrared digital stereo images

Digital Stereo with regular camera

Stan White being snapped by George Dunbar
Stan White with stereo glasses
Stan White
Stan White with his stereo projector

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