double feature – September 18, 2019 – 7:45pm

McQuarrie and Herget at our September 18th meeting

Toronto.  Our fall meeting program begins with this double feature: Ottawa photographer and author John McQuarrie on his favourite computer imaging tools for book publishing (he will have books here to sell). And Horst Herget on portraiture and wet-plate photography.

Click on the left icon to see PHSC News editor Sonja Pushcack’s tasty description of these two presentations.

The public is always welcome. Go to our Programs page for times and directions.

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September 22, 2019 Camerama Show

CAMERAMA Sunday Sep 22, 2019

Toronto. In Toronto this weekend? Want to see/buy/sell cameras gear? Then come out this Sunday and visit Camerama!

Click on the icon at left for details. Need a table Sunday or more information? Email Gary.

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making a difference

Sylvania makes a difference…

Toronto. In the mid 1930s, the minicam revolution sparked the rush to miniaturization in photography. Post war, amateur photography’s fresh ideas were indoor photos and colour photos.

Indoor photos made flash guns and flash bulbs big sellers. Companies like Sylvania marketed flash bulbs galore for all serious and budding photographers. In May 5 of 1958, LIFE magazine came out with a six page advertising campaign (start p 85) to promote American photographic products for amateurs. The question for marketeers was, how to differentiate their product when basically all products in a given category were commodities and competitors forced narrow price and quality constraints.

Sylvania stuck with electronic/electric devices. Already a major maker of flash bulbs, they felt a smaller bulb with the same light intensity using a new material could differentiate them. And a Zirconium-filled bulb was the answer – same brightness in a quarter the volume! Wow! A smaller base was also needed. A cheap adapter made their bulbs work fine in the older flash guns with a standard bayonet base socket.

No need for a new camera or flash gun, just buy Sylvania bulbs et voilà! you became a professional photographer! Yeah, right!

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hammer it home Nov 17th

Toronto.  Fall again and the PHSC Estate auction is coming! We are holding it on Sunday, November 17, 2019 down in the Long Branch area of west end Toronto at the usual venue – free parking and free admission. See the AUCTION menu item for more information.

Come out and enjoy this event while adding to your collection or user gear! Everybody is welcome. Sorry, but we cannot accept lots at the door since this will be an Estate auction.

Our first sample lot photos arrived in early September (thanks Clint).  Click on the photo below, then on the icon, and then on any lot icon to see it larger. Your left/right arrows will work to move from one enlarged photo to another. Enjoy!

Fall 2019 Estate Auction – sample lots

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PHSC News for September 2019

famous Rolleiflex

Toronto. Editor Sonja Pushchak and her team serve up a tasty newsletter issue to kick off our fall session after the summer break.

The issue begins with some photos by the late Jane Hope Bown of Britain. Next page introduces McQuarrie and Herget, our speakers this month. Next up, Jane Bown, this time her book and photos of Cats.

The fair poster is followed by David Bridge’s review of polarization in photography. Next up, a serious talk on Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time. (Who can forget his Reservoir Dogs, or Pulp Fiction?) Louise’s Web Links follow – always an interesting and eclectic trio of photos, comments, and links.

Sonja then tosses in a page of PHSC activities, a dash of tongue in cheek comments by Vi and Dot,  and the ever popular classifieds.

Click here or on the Rolleiflex above left to read or print this edition in all its glory!

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Robert Frank dead at 94

Robert Frank – News of the Day

Toronto. The Globe on Wednesday this week ran an obit from the NY Times News Service. It announced that the Swiss born NYC photographer had died at 94 at his cottage on Cape Briton, Nova Scotia.

Frank is best remembered for his coffee table size book “The Americans” which contained photographs from across America taken when he emigrated to the states.


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doctor, doctor gimme the news

Dr Krugener’s letterhead pre ICA, courtesy of Zeiss and Photography by Larry Gubas

Toronto.I got a bad case of lovin’ you … or so the late Robert Palmer sang back in 1979 on his album titled “Secrets“.

Dr Rudolf Krugener founded a camera company in Frankfurt a Main, Germany in 1885 to make his many innovative designs for detective, box, and magazine cameras as well as shutters for the new dry plate industry.

In 1909 his company merged with some others to form ICA A.G. in Dresden. In turn, after the chaos Germany experienced with out of control inflation post war, ICA merged with Zeiss Ikon A.G. in 1926 when that company was formed and run by Zeiss. Zeiss Ikon was established at the request of the government to bring some sense of order and rationalization to the German Camera Industry.

One such detective/magazine camera invented by the good doctor was his 1893 twin-lens reflex (TLR) detective camera called a Simplex. (Shown in a link as invented in 1889) It was made and sold decades before the most famous TLR ever made, the Rolleiflex.

At our December 2003 Show and Tell meeting, a very excited gentleman, the late Bill Kantymir, presented his newly acquired Simplex with its ultra rare leather case. He bought the camera online from the owner, a man in Hamilton, Ontario (small world). Bill’s excitement stemmed from it being on his short list of rare cameras to own in his life-time.

This post used many texts including “Zeiss and Photography” (Lawrence Gubas), “A Century of Cameras” (Eaton S Lothrop Jr), “Zeiss Ikon Cameras 1926~39” (D.B. Tubbs),  and “Cameras” (Brian Coe). Note that both Gubas and Lothrop spoke at the PHSC many years ago.

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modernish proscenium arch…

Eugene Smith in a LIFE essay March 10, 1958

Toronto. In the 1958 issue of LIFE magazine, dated March 10, 1958, on page 107 and later, W Eugene Smith’s work is featured in an article called “A Camera Masterpiece”. A short essay titled “Drama beneath a City Window” accompanies the photographs.

You have to scroll down to page 107 below the colour ads since someone screwed up the index on Google’s web site so only the first 30 or so pages are listed (a paltry three articles).

In June of 1977, I bought a copy of “Darkroom” published in soft cover by Lustrum Press and edited by Eleanor Lewis. Included is an essay by W Eugene Smith. A baker’s dozen American professional photographers discuss some of their favourite photographic prints and how they achieved the special look of each print in the darkroom.

My thanks to George Dunbar for pointing out this essay and Smith’s photos.

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closing time

L to R. Editor Lansdale, his sister, Dianne Sheldon, and our Celio Barreto after packaging at Aries Printers in Toronto

Toronto. As Leonard Cohen sang, its closing time for 45-2. Editor Lansdale was ably assisted by his sister and our member and speaker (past and future) Celio Barreto to package the latest issue. After numerous delays and problems, Bob and I plan to sort and deliver issue 45-2 to Canada Post early this week.

Members, watch your mail! Not a member? Well for pity’s sake its simple and fast – just hit the PayPal icon on the upper right of this page AFTER you choose one year or three, domestic  (Canada) or international (and have your credit card ready). Our Membership Secretary will see that you promptly receive 45-1 and 45-2 and a DVD of the first 40 years of the journal in searchable pdf format!

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dreaming of Maggie

The Burden of Dreams (Woman) by Maggie Taylor

Toronto. The Galerie GADCOLLECTION in Paris, France has an exhibition of photographs this fall called Dreamland. The photographs are the works of Florida based American photographer Maggie Taylor.

If you are on the continent at the time, drop by the Galerie and see what would suit your image collection! This exhibition started on September 4th and runs to October 2nd.

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