Most talks are recorded on audio tape. Copies are available from the society. For more information, contact Mark Singer at Further information on this roster of speakers can be obtained from Mike Oesch at

September 15th, 1999

The Early Days of the PHSC-- Images and reminisces by a selection of founding members. Larry Boccioletti and John Linsky gave an impromptu talk about the founding of the PHSC. The talk was accompanied with slides covering the society's first quarter century. 

October 20th, 1999

Stan White-- 3D Slide Show and stereo show and tell. 

Member Stan White is well known in stereo circles for both his articles and images. Each year Stan lines up a super 3D slide show for our annual stereo evening. Members are encouraged to bring stereo show and tell items for discussion and information.  


November 17th, 1999

Peter Higdon-- Mira Goddard Study Centre Print Collection. Peter is the Curator of Ryerson Polytech University's study centre print collection. His talk was illustrated with examples from the centre. We learned the history of the collection and the objectives of the centre.. 

December 15th, 1999

Lorne Shields - Bicycles and Photography. member Shields has an interest in bicycles including the link between the 1800s bicyclist and photographer. His illustrated talk showed the evolution of bicycle styles and fads.

Our Christmas meeting included the traditional gift exchange -- this time, complete with Santa... 

January 19th, 2000

Jim Williamson-- The CBC's Canadian History Project, Confederation episode.

Jim and his assistant Ron, gave a behind the scenes look at the creation of this new series and how history was researched. He used a video presentation to illustrate the talk.

February 16th, 2000

Show and Tell Night.

A wonderful selection of interesting items from member collections turned up for this year's Show and tell.  


March 15th, 2000

Chris Moore - Canada: Our Century

Chris gave a super slide show about the creation of the best selling book Canada: Our Century and the stories behind many of the images used in the book. As of his presentation, only a handful of the first run remained in the warehouse -- and Chris sold them after his presentation.

April 19th, 2000

Annual General Meeting

Matthew R. Isenberg-- The Evolution of the Camera

Matt is a well known camera collector and writer. In 1978 Charles Klamkin released the book Photographica, a book written in collaboration with Matt and illustrated mainly with pictures of items in Matt's collection.

May 17th, 2000

Joseph Strubel-- George Eastman House, Treasures from the Image Archive. 

The International Museum of Photography, George Eastman House has a wealth of photographic artifacts and memorabilia. Joseph's talk and slides highlighted just a sample of the images housed in this vast collection.

June 21st, 2000

Christopher Mahoney of Sotheby's

I missed this exciting fast paced slide show and discussion of the auction world today and it's value to camera and image collectors -- both buying and selling. Christopher was our wrap up speaker.

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