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September 16th, 1998

John Waldsmith - Author of Stereo Views. Pricing of Stereophotography collectables. Bring your cards , viewmaster, viewers, cameras for appraisal.

John gave us an entertaining evening with anecdotes about collectioning images, his initiation into Stereo, and trends in Stereo collecting. John's book is still available, although the prices are now dated (published in 1991). He has a couple of new books on the go including one on View Masters, which received a chapter in Stereo Views, but demands much more space.


October 21st,1998

Craig Campbell - Manager of resource centre, Hockey Hall of Fame. History of Hockey, the photographic collection of our game.

Craig's show and talk was timely with the hockey season just beginning--And the Leaf's showing much more life than usual :-)

Hockey Sticks

November 18th,1998

Joan Severa - Author of Dressed for the Photographer. Fashion in Photography, dating your images.

Joan provided a slide show of old images showing the key elements of dress and fashion which date even the undated image. Check out her book for details.

Fashion in Photography

December 16th,1998

Steven Bulger - Evaluating and collecting Printed Images

A delightful evening was spent with Steven. As collectors, we tend to get more excited about the "means" than the "result". The hardware is fascinating, but we need to appreciate the images it helps us create too!

The Stephen Bulger Gallery at 700 Queen St. Toronto, Ontario specializes in 20th century Canadian photography, international photography containing social comment, and new & out-of-print books on photography.

Stephen Bulger Gallery Image

January 20th, 1999

Frances Rooney - author of Working Light: The Wandering Life of Edith S. Watson. Ottawa: Carleton U. Press, 1996.

Francis discussed how she came across the images by Edith Watson, and her search for the artist, which took her to the Smithsonian, and to New England where Edith Watson grew up, and to Edith's cousin who preserved her images decades after Edith died.  Her slides show the quality of work done by Edith in her travels in Canada and the Bahamas with her dear friend Victoria Hayward.

Edith Watson

February 17th, 1999

This was show and tell night--check out the March/April issue of Photographic Canadiana for details.

March 17th,1999

Dane Lanken - Author of  Montreal Movie Palaces

Dane gave the ex-Montrealers in the group a wonderful evening looking back on the gorgeous old theatres which have for the most part been torn down and at the very least turned into stores and offices.

His book is still available from the publishers and can be ordered by your local bookseller. Contact me if you need details.

Dane Lanken

April 21st,1999

Annual General Meeting

Paul Berg - Dating and evaluating Union Cases.

Paul is the authority on Union Cases. The revised edition of his book on identifying cases is nearing completion. The cases pre-date photography, being used to hold miniature paintings, small tools and items, etc. The earliest where leather or paper covered wood. The Dauguerreotype with it's need for protection was a natural product for cases. Shortly after the Daguerreotype arrived, a method was developed to mold cases using a themo-plastic material and the Union Case was born with its ornate decorations.

Union Case

May 19th,1999

Todd Gustavson The Cameras of the George Eastman House.

Todd presented a slide show featuring many of the famous and now almost unique cameras that make up the huge collection at GEH. Only a small portion of the collection is on display at any one time.

George Eastman House Camera

June 16th,1999

Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr. - Author of A Century of Cameras. On Collecting single use or disposable cameras

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