We have a super line up of speakers for this season. Our Program Director, Ms Sharon Ryan, has put together another information filled series of talks. Our attendance has been steadily rising, so arrive early when you come out and join us!

September 18, 1996 Sam Smith

STEREO NIGHT. Sam continues our tradition of a stereo night each September. When the McIntyres were unable to join us this month, Sam stepped in on short notice to present a triple bill stereo slide show and to display and discuss his unique stereo cameras.

Sam, accompanied by his charming wife, put on a breathtaking 3D slide show. He started with some nature images of British Columbia, were Sam lived for a few years. These were followed by selected images from his trip to Asia in 1992. He captured the charm and richness of the far east in these special images. The slides of children very clearly showed that kids are kids the world over! Most images were in colour, with a few black & white images created from Russian negative material. The last series of images included some extreme close-up nature images which dazzled the audience. Of special interest to us was the fact that most of the images were taken with cameras created by Sam! He has perfected the art of physically merging two like camera bodies together to create a "siamese" stereo camera.... you can take a first hand look at his cameras by visiting his web site in Calgary!

October 16, 1996 Ron Brown

ghosts SHADOWS OF THE PAST. Listen! Can you hear that lonesome whistle blow? Ghost Railways of Ontario will bring some nostalgia and raise a few hairs. Ron Brown has published nine books on Canada's heritage treasures including:

Ghost Towns of Ontario,
Backroads of Ontario,
The Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore, and
Ghost Railways of Ontario

Ron gave a charming slide show of Canada past, emphasizing the growth and importance of the railway to Canada's growth. A fascinating collection of images brought to life fragments of history. Most of Ron's books are in print. If you can't find them in your bookstore, e-mail me at for Ron's address in Toronto.

November 20, 1996 Philippe Maurice

A WESTERN PERSPECTIVE. Photographic History in Western Canada. PHSC member Philippe Maurice of Calgary, Alberta has researched and written articles on photographers in Alberta including a reference to many old photographers based on period newspaper advertisements.

Philippe gave us two lectures... On Tuesday night he provided advice and warnings on preservation of images and the inevitable deterioration of all artifacts to a small group of image collectors and archivists. Philippe provides similar advice to small museums in Western Canada. He also sells archival supplies to individuals and institutions to help slow the ravages of time. If you would like to check out his stock and prices, I posted details on the reference page. On Wednesday, to the larger audience of Toronto members, Philippe displayed his research skills with a well organized slide show tracing the history of photography in western Canada. It was a delight to see the evolution of photography through western eyes.

December 18, 1996 Reg Holloway

PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS AND CAMERAS OF ENGLAND. Member Reg Holloway is a retired British press photographer here to share his experieces with us all. Reg began work as a press photographer over FORTY years ago! He will cover the differences in equipment used in Europe and North America as part of his talk, complete with example cameras from his collection. Don't miss it!

The members spent a pleasant evening with Reg learning first hand about the life of a press photographer in England.

January 15, 1997 M. Jackson Samuels CSC

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A CINEMATOGRAPHER. Come and hear about the days before the videographer (and his brief video clip and sound byte) from someone who was there when ciné was our eye on the world!

Jackson's talk was recorded on video as part of the anniversary of the CSC. He provided a fascinating look at the life of a cinematographer from the days when movie news was in vogue to current times. What a varied and active life! Jackson still consults for Ontario Hydro when he isn't restoring antique watches and clocks.

February 19, 1997 Bob Carter

TAKE A WALK ON THE WEB SITE. or looking for Leicas in all the wrong places... The photographic secrets of the internet... Spiders, Webs, Yahoo! Find out all about the web and why it is such a phenomenon. Learn how it can help you too!

An interesting background to the latest communications technology. Bob introduced e-mail and newsgroups as well as the web to our membership. According to recent statistics close to 25% of those attending may have already dipped a foot into the 'net.

March 19, 1997 Ross, Brown & Oesch

MEMBERS MONTH. There is an amazing range of talent amongst our members. Members Month allows selected members to share their expertise. In this session, we offer:

Lincoln Ross. New approaches to photographic conservatory.
Patty Brown. A Montreal family's genealogy.
Michael Oesch. Contemporary glass plate images.
Don't miss this fine trio of enthusiasts!

It was an Images & Processes night! Lincoln had a wheelbarrow full of example prints to show us first hand the ravages of time and the means available to restore some types of originals. It was sad to learn that a daguerreotype cleaning process used two decades ago is now causing some damage. Most of the talk centered on paper prints and their problems.

Michael followed with a show and tell on making and exposing your own dry-plates. His trials and efforts were reminiscent of photographers a century ago struggling with the same process... The two talks took up the allotted time, leaving Patty and Fred Hunt, a late entry, to save their material for another occasion.

April 16, 1997 Elizabeth Hulse & Les Jones

RENAISSANCE MAN: SIR DANIEL WILSON 1816-1892. The discovery of the U of T President's stereoview collection. A fascinating tale presented by Ms. Hulse (an author and historian) and our own Les Jones. Included in the evening will be our Annual General Meeting.

Les and Elizabeth provided a fascinating tale of detective work in tracing some old images to a famous member of the University of Toronto. They found more gold in the old glass plates than Bre-X found in a hole in the jungle... And we welcomed a new executive to guide the society for the next two years including President Robert Wilson and Vice-President John Alldredge.

May 21, 1997 David Jentz

EYEING THE RETINA. Rare variants of the Retina camera and an exposé of post-war production methods. Mr. Jentz joins us from the Historical Society for Retina Cameras, Indiana for this enlightening discussion of Kodak's famous 35mm camera line.

David provided a detailed look at the history of the Retina and the Kodak AG - Dr Nagel Werk, especially just before and after WWII. David runs an Historical Society for Retina Cameras, and provided attending members with a special edition of the society's journal.

Like many German camera makers, the Nagel Werk suffered severe losses in WWII. David is busy collecting data on Retina and Nagel cameras to provide a factual record for collectors. If you have one or more in your collection, e-mail the details to him at Your information will help fill in the blanks in the history of this fine camera.

June 18, 1997 Robert Stacy

REMARKABLE PORTRAITS OF MAUNGWUDAUS. Based on the ongoing work of Toronto freelance historian, writer, editor and researcher Robert Stacey. The images of George Henry, the great Ojibwa Hero were taken while he was touring as a performer and lecturer in North America and Europe during the 1840s - 1850s. They represent one of the earliest recorded photographs of North American Indians.

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