(not so) Silent Auction of selected Shean Collection items

Ed Warner & Bill Kantymir, auctioneers

of course it's worth moreof course it's worth more
which is better? let me guess...

After a bit of scurrying, our not so silent auction got under way. Past President Bill Kantymir pushed for a shift to a live auction to encourage more active bidding. The auction built up steam over the next hour and a half as Bill shown at left, and Ed Warner worked their way through the selection of 50 - 60 lots from the Shean Collection.

another brass lens, it says here. let me see.... of course a graflex is heavy!
look - two brass lenses!
do I hear 100?
 is that a bid, or is your nose itchy?

Shown at left is Ed Warner giving an enthusiastic performance in the art of auctioneering. The decision to switch from a silent auction format to a live auction pressed Ed into the role of prime auctioneer.

Shortly after the auction got underway, President Mike Robinson arrived directly from the class he teaches at Ryerson Polytech University with a few more lots of antiquites to add to the evening's efforts.

folderspolaroids and projectorsbrass stereo lenses
rear of tele lensside view of tele lens
out of the bag unmatched stereo cameras detective and box

Shown here are some of the many items auctioned to enthusiastic bidders including Bill Kantymir, Sheldon Chan, Gunther Ott, Bob Wilson, Ron Anger, and many others.

The bidding and banter made for a lively evening. All lots opened at one quarter of the estimated value. Some of the original mail auction lots were regrouped, and at least one was split into two lots.

At the end of the auction the few remaining lots were offered once more at an even lower starting point and all but two sold.

E. & H.T. Anthony Model M Success

The highlight of the evening was the sale of a lot represented by name only - a huge studio wet plate camera with stand and lens. The winning bidder mentioned that he had a studio camera in his collection but no stand.

Fred Hunt returns

We were pleased to see long term member Fred Hunt at the meeting. Mr. Hunt broke his leg last year, and complications resulted in his hospitalization on short notice. He was tracked down by Larry Boccioletti in a small hospital north of Toronto. Fred was recently discharged and returned to his home while continuing therapy sessions.

Stan White recording lot details Bill and Ed clarify a bid is it Ed's glasses or Bob's writing?
non Microsoft data entry system... Bob Wilson explains the fine points of a lot to Ed Warner

The auction began many weeks ago with the efforts of the auction team led by Bill Kantymir to choose and regroup selected lots from the mail auction to make an interesting selection for the evening.

The auction was conducted by Ed Warner and Bill Kantymir. Bob Wilson tracked the winners and payments, Stan White, Mike Robinson, Mark Singer and others assisted in organizing the lots for viewing and pick-up after bidding.

Bill Kantymir and Mike Robinson check out a lot pred-bid test drive... Larry trys for a portrait of Mike Robinson...
intense pre-bid scrutiny some inspect the goods, others read the spec sheets.

The lots received considerable scrutiny and interest by the prospective bidders. Thanks to the efforts of the auction team, the evening ended on a successful note for both the Shean estate, our society and the winning bidders.

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