Larry Boccioletti shows "The Mosquito Story"

The actual slides are better than suggested by these images. However, they are over fifty years old
and faded and suffering a severe colour loss. A few slides (one example below shown half as is and
half with the image extracted) had a pronounced red colour cast. Many appear to be black & white.

Canadian Made Mosquito at Uplands
Canadian Made (Uplands)

DH-1 Airplane c1915
The DH-1 c1915

Canadian De Havilland Plant, Toronto (Downsview)
De Havilland, Toronto

Tiger Moth construction
Tiger Moth construction

Finishing off a body
Building Bodies

Rows of Mosquito bodies
Mosquito Bodies

Working on the wings
Wings attached

showing the red original colour cast
Showing original colour

Control panel
Control panel

Adding armaments
Adding armaments

Ammunition cases and shell belts
Ammunition cases

Shop scene
Shop scene (these are
not Mosquito aircraft)

in the paint shop
Paint shop

Mosquito with plexiglass bomber nose
Plexiglass bomber nose

three different aircraft models parked
3 different aircraft parked
Getting ready for flight
Ready to go

Mosquito just taking off
Take off

"New Glasgow" with bomb doors open to load
New Glasgow showing
the bomb bay
Mosquito with armaments added
Armaments option
Number 1,000 manufactured
1,000 planes made
Mosquito in full flight
In flight

Promotional picture of pilot and plane
Promotional shot
ending title slide

These slides were obtained from Mrs.
Joseph Holliday whose husband wrote
a history of the Mosquito production in
Canada at De Havilland's Downsview
Toronto Plant.

Well that's it for this month. If you have any questions, you can contact Bill Belier. The images on this page from Larry's presentation were taken with a Nikon 990 digital camera directly from the screen and adjusted in Photoshop. Click on any small image to see it larger in a separate window. Please note the Mosquito images are now ©2003 and owned by Larry Boccioletti who should be contacted before use. The other images are ©2003 by the Photographic Historical Society of Canada and may be used if the source is mentioned.

Bob Carter

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