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get wit da program

Toronto. The PHSC has hosted photography related speakers for over 4 decades. Our location or time seldom changes… third Wednesday every month but July and August at Memorial Hall in North York (Toronto). If the venue or times change, we … Continue reading

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spring auction March 17, 2019

Toronto.  A sure sign of spring: The PHSC spring auction! We are holding it on Sunday, March 17, 2019 down in the Long Branch area of Toronto at the usual venue – free parking and free admission. Come out and … Continue reading

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PHSC News for December

Toronto. You received Sonja’s latest beautiful opus yesterday if you are on our MailChimp list. If you aren’t yet on the list, just click here and send us an  email to add you! The lead article Polarizing Photography features the … Continue reading

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John T Bock September 2018

Toronto. I received a sad note today from Hans Bock to tell us his father had passed away last month. John first joined the PHSC in 1987 and has been a perennial table holder at our fairs. I will miss … Continue reading

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B&L BALTAR f/2.3 50mm

Toronto. The Leica was marketed in 1925, catching Zeiss off guard. It responded in 1932 with the Zeiss-Ikon Contax. It had to better the Leica in every way possible: faster lenses, vertical shutter (faster curtains), metal shutter, longer rangefinder base, … Continue reading

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rapid rectilinear lens design

Toronto.After the announcement of photography early in 1839, there was a flurry of competing lens designs across Europe, each design trying to better the resolution and error correction qualities of the other. In 1866, two Germans, one an immigrant to … Continue reading

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Arriflex turrets build up post war

Toronto. My thanks to George Dunbar for this LIFE photograph in the February 1947 issue and his sharp eye that identified the turrets as those for the famous professional Arriflex cameras. The photograph shows the unintended problems caused by dividing … Continue reading

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and who made your camera?

Toronto. You do know don’t you? No? I thought so! Photography has a long history of camera makers, lens makers, film manufacturers, paper makers, etc. In the 1930s to 1950s photographers argued heatedly about Zeiss and Leitz and who made … Continue reading

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Photographic Canadiana 43-2

Toronto. We did the address covers and the printing at the top of this Labour Day weekend. Your copy will be in the mail shortly – if you are a member! Not a member yet? No problem. There is a … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Optical Institutions

Toronto.An optical institution was a German optical workshop turning out various optical devices and lenses. Other countries used other names. As cameras and binoculars and microscopes became popular,  brands like Zeiss, Zeiss-Ikon, Leitz, Ross, Bausch & Lomb, Rochester Optical, Kodak, … Continue reading

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