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view view master master ad ad

Toronto. January 1959. The USA was digging into the space race and to capitalize on it, View-Master offered a special deal for a viewer and seven photos of a Vanguard Rocket being launched in Florida at Cape Canaveral plus three … Continue reading

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seeing double – again

Toronto. Stereo seems to wax and wan in popularity. Around the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, stereo was very popular – the television and movies of the day. It disappeared and shot to popularity once … Continue reading

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the charm of 3D for kids

Toronto. My wife had a View-Master and light source and reels when she was little down in New Toronto. A few years later this ad appeared on page 58 of the January 17th, 1955 issue of LIFE magazine. The charm … Continue reading

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double your pleasure …

Toronto. Fellow member George Dunbar came up with this period advertisement for the Iloca Stereo camera (version 1) from a January 1951 Popular Photography magazine ad. ¬†You may be more familiar with one of the camera’s aliases, the Realist, or … Continue reading

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Letter from Manitoba

Toronto. We pride ourselves in having members across Canada and world-wide. Ed James has been a member for many years and is a devout collector as the following photo suggests. In the Oct/Nov 2015 edition of the magazine Our Canada, … Continue reading

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View-Master Poster and Details

Toronto. Back on March 12th, Scott Dutton of Alberta sent me an email looking for Philippe ¬†Maurice who spoke to the PHSC in the fall of 1996. The topic was a paper Philippe wrote about View-Master. On the 17th Scott … Continue reading

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View-Master Stereo Camera Ad

Toronto. My friend George Dunbar sent me an email the other day showing over a dozen magazine ads from mid last century. The magazines of that era had many small illustrated want-ad size listings, often for ways to get rich … Continue reading

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