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blossoms without petals

Toronto. I am truly blessed having so many post ideas sent to me. This one came in Thursday from Goldie. In November 1954, two manufacturers took out ads in LIFE magazine but neither company used cameras in their ad. On … Continue reading

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Bourke-White flogs RCA Projection-TV in 1949

Toronto. After the war ended in 1945, our main source of information remained newspapers and radio. No TV, no internet, Nada. We played board games, bought magazines, and read books. The exciting thing was the imminent arrival of TV in … Continue reading

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where have all the flowers gone – II?

Toronto. To paraphrase Pete Seeger’s famous song, of the 1950s, where have all the photographers gone? As a kid in the late 1950s and 60s, I can remember this song coming over the radio frequently. Each milestone in the evolution … Continue reading

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Gigaplex in 2011 Vancouver

Toronto. At my daughter’s the other day I saw the new era of television. Her set is a huge flat screen sitting over the fireplace in her downstairs  family room. Fired up, it has many many icons for netflix, games, … Continue reading

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An Odd British Camera

Member George Dunbar recently came across this c1955 picture of Kim Philby at a London press conference captured by traditional press cameras and this strange device (click on the camera icon at left to see the entire photograph). The photo was … Continue reading

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