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keep on truckin’

Toronto. Items from the website Fans in a Flashbulb have appeared here before. The site is a blog and like our site, uses WordPress to format the site and add posts. In the about menu item, the site defines itself … Continue reading

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A great Kodak

Toronto. The August 13, 1953 issue of LIFE magazine (page 87) touted this camera that chose to compete with the pricier Leicas and Zeiss cameras of the day. The Signet 35 has an f/3.5 lens – likely based on the … Continue reading

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rapid rectilinear lens design

Toronto.After the announcement of photography early in 1839, there was a flurry of competing lens designs across Europe, each design trying to better the resolution and error correction qualities of the other. In 1866, two Germans, one an immigrant to … Continue reading

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Zeiss Anastigmat Series V Lens

Toronto. One of the very first lenses a young Paul Rudolph designed for Zeiss was its Anastigmat series. The series V is a super wide angle lens offering a 90 degree angle on a full plate (6.5 x 8.5 inches). … Continue reading

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