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once a century is enough!

Toronto. In 1918 the world suffered a pandemic called the Spanish Flu of 1918. It lasted into 1920 and proved to be very contagious and very deadly. Here we are, a century later, and the world is hit by another influenza-like … Continue reading

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gotta Can(n)on?

Toronto. At the rate of closures, we should be able to shoot a cannon down the streets without harm to life or limb… Both our auction and our March Toronto meeting have fallen victim to COVID-19. Stay posted for any … Continue reading

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Dr Mike goes to Washington

Toronto. My friend George Dunbar sent me a note the other day saying one of our past presidents, Dr Mike Robinson, was visiting the Smithsonian to demonstrate modern day daguerreotype portraits. Mike makes such collectible images here in his Century … Continue reading

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March CAMERAMA Cancelled

Toronto.  Back on  this past Monday, March 9th, I announced Gary’s latest CAMERAMA show. Sadly Gary was forced to cancel the show today when his venue, the Edward Hotel decided to go proactive and cancel all events for now. Gary … Continue reading

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photography for squares

Toronto. From the beginning of photography prints were either landscape or portrait (i.e. rectangular). A full-plate was 8.5 x 6.5 inches. Then in the 1930s along came the famous Rollei twin lens reflex (TLR) with one viewing lens and one … Continue reading

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… deja vu all over again.

Toronto. Exclaimed Yogi Berra, the NY Yankees’ master of mangled metaphors. He may have been referring to our auctions – or the lot with the box of stereo viewers (every collection needs at least one Holmes Stereo Viewer). If your collection … Continue reading

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springtime in Alaska

Toronto. In the late 1950s I worked in Labrador and at a Christmas concert in Schefferville, Quebec. Some of the girls sang this song which Johnny Cash recorded in 1965. This tune came to mind when my friend Harold Staats … Continue reading

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same old… same old…

Toronto. In the 1950s, Samoca cameras were sold in a variety of models – all very similar, so the saying was that SAMOCA stood for SAMe Old Camera. Thanks to Ed Warner at the December meeting for bringing a quartet … Continue reading

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cheap and practical

Toronto. Not all lots are high end gear at our estate auction coming on the 17th of this month. When my kids were young, I bought them Konica C35 cameras. My youngest daughter even took her blue camera to Europe. … Continue reading

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what a colourful fair

Toronto. Yesterday we held our PHSC Fall Fair – The Big One – down at the Trident Hall. A special event was the print display of the Toronto Digital Photography Club. PHSC journal editor Bob Lansdale arrived early to help … Continue reading

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