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who did JR shoot?

Toronto. One of the remaining magazines is TIME. My subscription lapsed over 60 years ago. They recently published a special issue on gun control, a sore topic south of the border. Those of us old enough to remember television in … Continue reading

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dix ans de Passion

Toronto. To celebrate its first decade as a gallery, Galerie GADCOLLECTION in Paris, France, is posting a series of works for exhibition and sale this month from September 4th to October 2nd. Details are posted here on its website. You … Continue reading

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wind beneath my wings

Toronto. Bette Midler sang this plaintive song for the sound track of the 1988 movie Beaches. It is appropriate for this post on the SOAR photo contest. We have had inexpensive small drones supporting cameras for many years now. SOAR … Continue reading

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high and mighty

Toronto. This photo of the big apple reminds me of PHSC member, the late Boris Spremo in his heyday a top the CN tower to shoot Toronto. In 1952, the RCA TV tower was the world’s highest TV antenna high … Continue reading

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the great depression and photography

Toronto. As we enter into a tariff war once again, there is growing concern we will plunge into another massive depression. It is worth thinking about the last great depression world wide (the dirty 30s), culminating in the second world … Continue reading

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seeing double

Toronto. Our president Clint visited the states recently and dropped in at the NSA’s 2018 convention on Stereo photography, the thrilling cards that entertained Victorians decades before TV. The National Stereoscopic Association was an exchange member of ours for a couple … Continue reading

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scaling to new heights …

Toronto. About 1919 William James Sr tried to scale the fence at Varsitry Stadium (U of T stadium fronting on Bloor Street). In hand was his trusty Graflex camera. The intent to catch a sports event ended in disaster when … Continue reading

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Tash meets LBP & Co in the 1960s.

Toronto. The well documented Canadian photographer Roy Tash visited Ottawa to record the illustrious, Nobel-prize winning Prime Minister Lester B Pearson and his cabinet. Pearson managed  to get our Canadian flag authorized in spite of the endless debates by the … Continue reading

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Snoping out fauxtography

Toronto. Was this heat wave REALLY so hot that cars melted in Arizona? Does the claim pass the smell test? Yeah,right! For many years the Snopes site has helped us mere mortals perform a decent smell test. Our customers occasionally … Continue reading

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something’s wrong with this picture

Toronto. In 1992, the late Glenn Frey, released the album Strange Weather. Included was the song Love in the 21st Century which includes the above line. Frey was the front man and writer for the dysfunctional rock band the Eagles. When … Continue reading

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