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Speed indeed!

Toronto. Good friend George Dunbar sent me a photo and note regarding high speed shutters a few days ago on the 6th of August. For many years, top shutter speeds of 1/500 or 1/1000 were considered the best you could … Continue reading

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PHSC News for June 2017

Toronto. The pdf newsletter was sent out Friday morning to everyone on the mailing list. Editor Sonja Pushchak has produced another entertaining newsletter of 13 pages. The front page article discussed “Fab Film Stars” – not quite the stars we … Continue reading

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A Flash of Inspiration

Toronto. My good friend David Bridge recently did a study of a little flash synchronizer intended to be used in the days when flash bulbs were common but in-camera flash sync was not. ¬†His comments prompted me to dig out … Continue reading

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Edgerton’s High Speed Photography

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me this fascinating link to a short video on the TIME MAGAZINE website showing Edgerton’s high speed photography¬†experiments using custom made strobes. Wait for the video – it starts after a short ad. Dr Edgerton set … Continue reading

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A Repeating Flashbulb (November 1941)

Toronto. We never think about flash or flash bulbs today. With our digital cameras or smart phones a built in flash automatically goes off ¬†(or the camera/phone warns us) to provide sufficient light. Even in the 1950s (unless you were … Continue reading

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A Flashy Camera

Toronto. Leitz didn’t add factory synchronization until the model IIIf in 1950. However, there were many options for adding a flash gun and synchronization pre IIIf. This particular flash was manufactured for Leitz Nw York in the mid 1940s. A … Continue reading

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Chico and the Man…

Toronto. Post war Leicas from the IIIf had the flash sync built-in. The most common post war flash was the CEYOO. Chico was a cheaper and smaller all plastic flash with the same segmented folding aluminum reflector design and the … Continue reading

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