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pitching the big one – October 27, 2019

Toronto. The god Neptune used one, and so do we, but ours is a Hall – the Trident Hall in Etobicoke. If you hanker to expand your camera collection (or usable gear) be it film or digital, drop in next … Continue reading

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Montréal … c’est magnifique à l’automne

Toronto. If you plan to go east early next month, drop in and say hello to Sol. And perhaps augment your camera and image collection as well. Sol’s show is on October 6th in the west island area near major … Continue reading

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beginning to see the light – again

Toronto. The post title must be a favourite of mine – used many times here, Long before digital photography arrived where it is today, professionals and advanced amateurs struggled to make prints that gave the most accurate and satisfying monochromatic … Continue reading

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Redlands Photo Contest

Toronto. Fancy seeing a bit of down under? The Redlands Camera Club in Wellington Point, Queensland, Australia is hosting its 2019 International Print and Digital contests this year. The contests are open from July 1st through August 10th. Click on … Continue reading

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it ain’t over yet!

Toronto. About 40 years ago I wondered why the old process lingered on long after a new process was available. Now I know. Serious folk invested in the older process so they changed slowly to the new. And the older … Continue reading

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Photo News Summer 2019

Toronto. As I opened Tuesday’s Globe and Mail for a quick read, out came Norm Rosen’s latest opus on all things photographic. As usual, the magazine was an exciting read with lots of photos illustrating what the writers said in … Continue reading

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elephants have them too

Toronto. Be sure to visit our 9th TRUNK SALE this coming July 14th at our usual location – Trident Hall, 145 Evans Ave, Toronto. It will be held outdoors in rain or shine. Choice locations on first come, first choice … Continue reading

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be wise, digitize

Toronto. No need for such a slogan today – EVERYBODY went digital (there are still some niche players that insist on  the beauty of the old film technique). In the film era every photo was carefully framed and shot. A … Continue reading

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get wit da program

Toronto. The PHSC has hosted photography related speakers for over 4 decades. Our location or time seldom changes… third Wednesday every month but July and August at Memorial Hall in North York (Toronto). If the venue or times change, we … Continue reading

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“… you must have a fantastic camera …”

Toronto. This quote, attributed to Sam Haskins, must be one of the worst compliments ever given to a photographer! Stripped of its bells and whistles, a camera is just a black box that holds the sensitive media (film, sensor) the right … Continue reading

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