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Sloppy, but it works

Toronto. When Scott Archer announced his invention, most photographs were studio portraits by Daguerreotypists; while some people used Fox Talbot’s salted paper negatives and prints. Both processes were slow in camera and very technical requiring care and precision to obtain … Continue reading

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A Sensitive Thing

Toronto. After 1851 when Frederick Scott Archer invented the first practical wet-plate process, you could tell a photographer from his blackened finger-tips. This situation came about by the practitioner’s need to sensitize his glass plate with a silver nitrate solution. … Continue reading

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PhotoTree.com and old images

Toronto, March 20, 2014. One of the Founders of the PHSC, John Linsky, called me this afternoon about a site called PhotoTree. This site says it is “dedicated to research, restoration, and preservation of 19th and early 20th Century Photographs”. … Continue reading

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