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somethin’ flashy

Toronto. Did you ever hear of the ‘National Vulcanized Fibre Company’ (NVFC)? Neither did I. However, parts using that company’s products played a key role in the use of flash in photography. A number of companies in the early¬†1940s through … Continue reading

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Amalgamated Photo History Newsletters

Toronto. As we enter this new year with COVID-19 raging outside, editor Bob Lansdale has put together the first amalgamation of 2021 – Vol 2-1. All members with a an email address on file at the PHSC received this pdf … Continue reading

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a loopy idea

Toronto. I show three magnifier loupes at the left. The first is a Taylor, Taylor, Hobson brass loupe used in the late 1800s to focus a lens on the massive old field/studio cameras so that the subject was sharp on … Continue reading

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two for the show …

Toronto. I began working for Bell just months after Toll Area was formed. In those days Bell Labs in New Jersey did a wide variety of research. This article from the December, 1935 issue of Electronics¬†tells of the collaboration between … Continue reading

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take your time …

Toronto. … as my mother used to say when she felt that I was dragging my heels. But sometimes taking your time is beneficial. Photographic media are sensitive to the volume of visible light hitting the sensitive surface. Traditionally two … Continue reading

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the marvellous little Polaroid

Toronto. In 1969, the Polaroid ad in LIFE magazine touted its series of electronic and mechanical cameras with built in timers and signals to tell the user development was finished. While Polaroid film and prints were somewhat expensive, the cameras … Continue reading

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a searing legacy

Toronto. Well, Christmas and boxing day are over for most of us. Hope you managed to give/receive great gifts and find bargains in spite of the @#$#%^ pandemic we are all struggling with (well, most of us up here anyway). … Continue reading

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an old boxing day box camera

Toronto. Boxing day on December 26th used to be THE day for sales. Then boxing day week, then black Friday, now COVID-19 and total lockdown over the holidays. Still, it is fitting to celebrate boxing day with a box camera. … Continue reading

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you think this post is about you

Toronto. I did various posts on the ubiquitous tripod so necessary so long ago. From the beginning of photography in 1839, the media and lenses were so slow that a steady stand was a necessity even outdoors. Studios used the … Continue reading

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… the sincerest form ….

Toronto. A very common expression is, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery“. And all the makers of high end cameras had it in spades! Manufactures in Russia, Japan, and even fellow German firms aped the design of the Leica, … Continue reading

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