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Toronto. My thanks to George Dunbar for sourcing the delightful Kodak advertisement of May 1947 featured in the May 12th, 1947 issue of that magazine.(Click on the icon at left to see the ad in full.) When I was a … Continue reading

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Ilfobrom Photographic Paper

Toronto. As I learned more about photography I gravitated to Ilford products. The icon at left shows the Ilford Test Strip Holder. To save on the cost of paper and chemistry, it was common practice to do a series of … Continue reading

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Rare (American) Photographs colorized

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me an email yesterday with a link to liveleak,com. The link takes you to a 9 minute video (with music) showing a number of photographs spanning the mid 1800s to mid 1900s. According to the site, … Continue reading

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