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Another – more colourful – Louis

Toronto. The most popular modern day photographic techniques rely on the tri-colour vision of humans. Using only three colours in various strengths the entire visible spectrum can be seen by the human eye. There were are basic techniques, so called … Continue reading

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PHSC Image Show November 26, 2017

Toronto. We are hosting our Image Show this coming Sunday, November 26th at he Arts & Letters club in downtown Toronto at 14 Elm Street. Come on ¬†down and join in the fun, get some additions for your collection, and … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Colour

Toronto. Once monochrome images were successfully captured by Daguerre and Fox Talbot and announced in January 1839, the holy grail of photography became capturing life in full colour. Beyond experimental processes, and hand colouring, this goal wasn’t reached as a … Continue reading

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