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let’s see what develops

Toronto, Ahaaa! Those were the days! You guarded your paltry few shots as if your life depended on them. Why take a dozen and choose the best one when with care and framing you could take and use a single … Continue reading

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sliding into focus

Toronto. As we casually view the colour images on front of our smartphones, we may forget the long torturous route taken from crude monochrome glass slides projected on a sheet or screen in a darkened room to 35mm or 2×2 … Continue reading

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Ansco color ad 1947

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me this November 10th, 1947 LIFE magazine ad on Ansco Color. In the late 1950s I chose Ansco (called Anscochrome by then) transparencies for the colour photographs I would take while on assignment in Labrador since … Continue reading

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A drum you can’t beat

Toronto. Yesterday I mentioned some darkroom stuff being auctioned this November. One of the items is a dark plastic tube with odd end caps. In the 1970s, colour chemistry was both expensive and short lived. The amateur photographer of the … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Colour

Toronto. Once monochrome images were successfully captured by Daguerre and Fox Talbot and announced in January 1839, the holy grail of photography became capturing life in full colour. Beyond experimental processes, and hand colouring, this goal wasn’t reached as a … Continue reading

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Colour Film for the Common Man

Toronto. George Dunbar is fascinated by LIFE magazine during 1945. Contrary to my earlier post, actual colour was occasionally used in LIFE ads. In its issue of October 16, 1944, for example, Ansco announced and demonstrated its colour sheet film … Continue reading

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