Florin Firimita and The Bookstore Project

Model with Argus C3 in Bookstore. Photographer Florin Firimita

Toronto. Galerie Gadcollection in Paris, France is featuring photographs by Florin Firimita from “The Bookstore Project”. The exhibition runs from March 16 to 22. Copies of the photographs are available.

I chose this particular sample as it featured an Argus C3 which is discussed in our latest issue (16-10 –  March 2017) of PHSC News on page 7.

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View-Master Poster and Details

Toronto. Back on March 12th, Scott Dutton of Alberta sent me an email looking for Philippe  Maurice who spoke to the PHSC in the fall of 1996. The topic was a paper Philippe wrote about View-Master.

On the 17th Scott sent me a note to say he was successful in his search for Philippe. Scott has great illustrations and a View-Master poster on his site. Take a look!

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Hunter Penrose Camera

Toronto. I never heard of a Hunter Penrose camera (c1929) before Shlomit Tamir sent me an email back on March 10th. Hunter Penrose still exists in the UK and is in the printing business these days.

Shlomit writes, “I entered your website after searching online sales for  Hunter Penrose cameras. I have unique one.

“Attached is a link to a video I made that you can see this antique camera,  a catalogue and the measurements.

“I would be very happy if you can contact me or refer me to someone who deals with this type of cameras”.

The video gives a better idea of just how physically HUGE this camera is! The camera uses large glass plates. The plate dimensions are a whopping 85×86 cm (about 33×33.5 inches). There are two Taylor-Hobson Cooke Apochromat process lenses. One has a 36 inch focal length with  a 76 cm (30 inch) wooden tray. The other is a series IX (pat. no. 113590).

If you can help Shlomit, drop me an email.  Thanks.

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Laura Jones at the A&L Club

Baldwin Street – Laura Jones

Toronto. Member Laura Jones sent me a note recently that she was hosting an exhibition in the Lounge of the Arts and Letters Club on Elm Street from March 5 – 31 of this year. I visited Laura’s Baldwin Street Gallery many years ago. She is a charter member of the PHSC and has spoken to us   twice that I remember (April, 2006 and earlier – before 1995).

In the note Laura says, “I am having another photo event at the Arts & Letters Club. This time a solo show in the lounge. Hope you can come.

“It’s 50 years this year since John Phillips and I came to Canada and settled on Baldwin St. and were given cameras by the National Film Board to teach photography to Baldwin St children and soon after started the Baldwin St Gallery.

“Can’t believe that much time has past!” Continue reading

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Cameras in Use

A Kodak Moment

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me an email with a few images showing various photographs of cameras in use. Over the years, I have collected a few images. Almost all are portraits or family groups. Taking photographs of workers in action was relatively rare as I learned.

In my own case, I have tried to record work as well as family activities, gardens, storms, etc – and portraits of family members. If you are a practicing photographer, be sure to capture scenes of modern day work. The photos will be worthwhile long after portraits of family members become of interest only to those lonely souls bent upon a narrow genealogy of their own family. Continue reading

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Architectural Ruins

Violon – Romain Veillon

Toronto. I have always been fascinated by photographs of architectural ruins. Robert Burley of Ryerson spoke to us on February, 2007. with slides of the abandoned buildings and equipment of the Kodak Canada campus. A few years later he produced a book on Kodak’s decline called “The Disappearance of Darkness — Photography at the End of the Analog Era.”.

I came across a number of images of various abandoned buildings in downtown Detroit, Michigan taken during the dark days of the last recession. long after many sites were abandoned.

Now Galerie GADCOLLECTION in Paris, France is featuring various size prints of architectural ruins as recorded by photographer Romain Veillon in an exhibition of Veillon’s work from the 9th to 15th of March, 2017.

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PHSC News 16-10

PHSC News 16-10 released

Toronto. Editor Sonja Pushchak has produced another scrumptious edition of our favourite newsletter.

The lead story features Weegee and the pulp fiction covers of yesteryear. This is followed by a notice of our meeting presentation this month by Norm Rosen and the March auction poster too!

Consider collecting tintypes for cut-rate collecting. Or take a shot at using film… Followed by a note on miniature images. In the Equipment Review column David covers the original Brick – an Argus C3 camera. Louise Freyburger has some new web links for you. PHSC Talks,  Ask Vicky, and the Classified make it another wrap! Click here or on the film icon at left to read/print this great issue.


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Photography Crossword


Toronto. My thanks to George Dunbar once again. George put some effort into creating a crossword that features hints known to photographic historians. I remember Stan White doing a puzzle (or a poem?) years ago.

This is George’s second release of his first crossword. As a background he used a photograph  considered to be the earliest daguerreotype street scene (a lonely shoe shine boy in France – any one in motion simply disappeared from the long time exposure needed).

Take a look here (or click on the icon at left) and try your hand. Drop me a note to pass on to George.

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LIFE Magazine predictions in fall 1945

LIFE September 10, 2017 with predictions on page 112.

Toronto. My friend George Dunbar sent me an email the other day with a link to LIFE Magazine’s September 10. 1945 issue. On page 112 the magazine predicts future cameras, lenses, and sensitive media such as we consider common place today as well as AI like Google uses.

George writes, “[I found ] a fantastic article, written in 1945 and predicting (quite accurately) some scientific achievements to come.

“The full article will be found on page 112 of Life magazine, Sept. 10, 1945

“That issue of Life magazine will be found here.”

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Undeveloped WW2 Film Discovered

WW2 Tank from RescuedFilm.com

Toronto. My friend, PHSC member, photographer, and fair exhibitor, Harold Staats, sent me an email the end of last month with a link to a YouTube video describing the latest rescued film project – a whopping 31 rolls of 616 film taken by an American soldier during WW2 and never developed.

Like Harold, Russ Forfar is a PHSC member. Russ too sent me links to the Rescued film project which I posted on September 29, 2016 and on October 19, 2016 (this post, from Al Jazeera, uses extracts from the same video). Have a look at these two posts and the 10 minute video above to see what one person is doing to preserve images that would otherwise be lost forever!

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