Vivian Maier exhibition in Austria May 29 to Aug 19, 2018

Maier_032, 5/3/13, 6:25 PM, 16C, 5732×6036 (154+883), 100%, Custom, 1/60 s, R43.0, G14.7, B28.4

Toronto. Our friends at WestLicht gallery in Austria, are exhibiting a number of prints by the late Vivian Maier of Chicago. Her work was discovered by accident shortly after her death. Click here to read the full details in the WestLicht press kit.

On view at WestLicht are more than 100 works from the early 1950s to the late 1970s – Maier’s classic black-and-white pictures, mostly taken with a Rolleiflex, and additional colour photography taken with a Leica. “



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Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum – HotDocs

USA. Reno, Nevada. 1960. Film set of “The Misfits” by John HUSTON, with US actors Marilyn MONROE, Clark GABLE, Montgomery CLIFT and Eli WALLACH and writer Arthur MILLER.

Toronto. Our favourite education editor, Rita Godlevskis at PhotoED magazine always has an exciting perspective which shows in her magazine.

Rita recently sent me this PHOTO EVENT HOT LIST! If you would like to join Rita and the gang on April 20th at our city’s HotDocs, drop her an email.

Rita says, “Our friends at HotDocs CINEMA in T.O have a few tix to share with friends of PhotoED for the Friday, April 20, 6:45pm screening Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum.

“Founded in 1947 by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, Magnum Photos is an elite photo cooperative that has produced some of the most memorable images of our times. On its 70th anniversary, Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum chronicles the agency’s unique relationship with the world of film.

“Over the decades, Magnum’s on set photography has immortalized such classics as Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious and countless stars including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Winslet.

“Discover the previously untold stories of Hollywood’s most iconic photos and get an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the magic of cinema in the making.”

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a child’s camera for Christmas

A contact 127 snap c1949

Toronto. My friend George Dunbar sent me an email the other day that got me thinking of my childhood. Like the Ansco Panda, Kodak’s Baby Brownie was targeted at children, especially around Christmas and birthdays.

When I was in grade six, I took a school bus trip on a day outing. Accompanying me was my new Baby Brownie. The little box camera took 127 film and I tracked down the fastest black and white film of the day – Kodak Super XX. I should have stuck with Verichrome! None of my indoor snaps came out needless to say since the camera was about f/16 at 1/25th second and free of any features like a flash gun.

At least the trip was exciting, so much so I was almost left behind on the return trip. Fortunately my teacher, Miss MacGregor, was sharp eyed and responsible! She did a head count before leaving each stop.

Thanks to George for discovering this old May 30th, 1949 Kodak ad from LIFE magazine. Those were the days …

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so you want to do fashion photography?

Fashion by STRUAN

Toronto. Well, you are in luck! Toronto photographer, producer, director and cameraman Struan will be at Ryerson’s School of Image Arts beginning May 10, 2018 teaching “Advanced Fashion Photography with Struan“.

Read about Struan on his web site.

And be sure to use the Continuing Education Code CDFP 381 when you enrol.

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and where did you buy photo supplies in 1909?

Ramsey & Co Photo Supplies – Owen Staples 1909, Toronto

Toronto. Well, if you were here, you might have gone to J O Ramsey & Co Photo Supplies. This photo was taken in 1909 by Owen Staples (1866-1949) at the NE corner of Bay and Melinda. It was used by Staples to make a line drawing for the Evening Telegram (Sept 13, 1909, page 9) to illustrate an article on the demolition of buildings to make way for the new Toronto General Trusts building to go up on that corner. Of course you could also visit a large department store of the day, like the T Eaton Co. and buy your supplies. Canada at the time was more closely associated with Britain rather than the USA.

Thanks to George Dunbar for spotting the Ramsey sign. And the photograph? It’s in the Baldwin Room at the Toronto Reference Library (Asquith and Yonge) just above Bloor and Yonge. The Reference Library has a number of old city photographs and drawings, many now online on their web site too.

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exhibitions – Lisa Murzin, photographer

Portion of Murray by Lisa Murzin
Click to see full photo

Toronto. PHSC member Lisa Murzin  is a Toronto based Corporate and Event Photographer. She will be very busy over the next few months.

The young (just about everyone is young to me) photographer from the west side of Toronto has a quintet of showings of her works. Come out to one of the events and enjoy her fine images.



1. Group show:
Opening: Wednesday May 28 7-9
Living Arts Centre Mississauga  
‘Flashback/Flashforward’ , showcasing previous and current Artists in Residence
May 24- May 19
2. Solo show:   
 ‘Harry Was a Cow Caller’
Opening: Saturday April 7, 1-4 pm
Legacy Gallery, Artists Co-op,
42 2nd Avenue East, Owen Sound, Ontario
April 1-30


3.  Solo show:
Harry Was a Cow Caller
Opening: Wednesday May 23 7-11pm
#Hashtag Gallery
May 18-31

4. Juried group show:
George Brown 50×50
opening May 10, 5-9 pm
George Brown Waterfront campus


5. Featured Exhibition Contact Photography Festival:
‘Red Light’
opening: May 10 6-9pm
Lonsdale Gallery,410 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON
May 2-June 29
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oh! to be in Montreal now that spring is here!

Montreal Camera Show

Toronto. My friend Sol Hadef, a PHSC member and a regular at our camera shows, will be hosting his Spring Montreal Camera Show in the West Island area of Montreal tomorrow (April 8th) so if you like good food, a cheery city, and a chance to use your French if you dare (the Montrealers are always helpful to les Anglais 🙂 ) then scoot down the 401 and drop in.

I spent many years in Montreal both before, during, and after University. The smoke meat, bagels,cheesecake, steaks and more are delicious! Sol is hosting his wonderful show at  the Hampton Inn and Suites in Dorval, 1900 trans Canada highway (highway 40) just past the Sources Blvd interchange on the south service road.

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David Granick’s lost London on Kodachrome

East End London – David Granick
Stepney Green, 1961

Toronto. Thanks to ex-pat and past PHSC president Mo Patz now in BC for the link to recently discovered London East End photographs on Kodachrome taken by the late photographer David Granick.

Mo’s link to BBC news is just one of many links (and recent books) to these photos. Do a Google on David Granick to see many other links.

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NY Photo Fair this Sat and Sun

Coney Island Sailors 1945

Toronto. Heading for the big apple this weekend? Drop by the New York Photography Fair sponsored by our friends at the Daguerreian Society. In fact if you are there Friday,  take in the AIPAD shadow fair at the same locale – the Watson Hotel at 440 W 57th Street.

Lots of people will be there, including Torontonian, Neil MacDonald, who is a frequent seller at our fairs. Drop by and enhance your photo collection!

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Xposé 2018 opening today

Xposé April 5, 2018 in Toronto.
Click icon for details

Toronto. The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) includes photographers. CAPIC is hosting CAPIC Xposé today, April 5, 2018, from 6 to 10 pm at The Papermill Gallery located at the Todmorden Mills Heritage Site, 67 Pottery Rd down in Don Valley.

Many well known photographers and other image creators will have prints on display from April 6 – 15, 2018.

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