a tree grows…

Car inside a red cedar tree in Vancouver’s Stanley Park

Toronto. When I was a kid, we bought our own school supplies including books. The prices were a much lower percentage of wages then and Canadian publishers printed our textbooks. I remember walking to Witty’s Drugstore one September to buy my school books, and in particular the Ontario Public School Geography, a large (to my eyes) text by W J Gage & C0. Limited of Toronto. This text was published before the turn of the last century and updated as new data was available.

One photo in particular fascinated me – ¬†two people sitting in an automobile inside a giant red cedar tree in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. The above link is to the 1922 edition and the tree is on page 118.

All this came to mind after George Dunbar sent me this link to photos of unusual trees on the NPR Website. The tree photos are in an article by Sasha Ingber back on Sunday, October 15th in NPR’s Goats and Soda column. While the photos and articles are interesting, NPR stands for National Public Radio. It is American and does have an American slant to news items.

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