those where the days …

December 1948 Popular Photography Ad for Graflex

Toronto. I think George Dunbar has special spot in his heart for the once illustrious staples of the news photographer –  the Graphic and Graflex cameras. George often finds these unusual ads and passes them to a few of the PHSC members and to Ken Metcalf in  North Carolina. Ken is an editor of and the publisher of the Graflex Journal.

This ad (at left) ran in the December 1948 issue of Popular Photography suggesting ways you could celebrate Christmas by giving your favourite (favorite?) shutter-bug a new Speed Graphic product. As a kid of 11 in 1948, Christmas was special to me, but all the gifts combined in our home did not match the cost of one new Speed Graphic or Graflex camera!

Even to this day the reflex cameras look very old and cumbersome in design – much older than 1948 suggests.

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