Post War Pop Photo Ad for Leica IIIc

Leica Ad in April 1947’s Popular Photography magazine

Toronto. In 1947, a couple of years after the war ended, Leitz was busy trying to recapture its charm and mystique in the miniature camera business. They promoted their IIIc model in the April 1947 issue of Popular Photography. My thanks to George Dunbar who spotted this ad on the internet and sent it along to me.

Sadly, the IIIc was an outmoded pre-war design being assembled from whatever parts were on hand. During the war, the IIId was also manufactured – basically a IIIc with a time delay mechanism built-in.

A number of innovations were underway in Wetzlar, adding a built-in flash synchronization which would be marketed in a few years as the IIIf model, and continuation of experiments in the  revolutionary M series bayonet mount camera. To bridge the screw mount and bayonet mount gap, a IIIg was also in the works.

But in 1947 there was one model being made – the IIIc. The company was relying on pent up demand for Leica cameras and people who would remember the quality of its products.

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