Lomography’s Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System by Lomography

Toronto. I received an email a couple of days ago from Katherine Phipps of Lomography. The email announced the Kick Starter program to create a convertible lens system called the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System.

You may wonder about convertible lenses. They date back over a century and a half ago to the mid 1800s when the design was used to give added focal lengths to the recently invented daguerreotype cameras.

In the middle of the last century the design was used to add a medium wide angle and a medium telephoto lens to a leaf shutter style better quality none interchangeable lens camera. In today’s market you can buy them to optically change the focal length of your smart phone’s camera.

And of course Lomography’s Neptune System fits any modern interchangeable lens camera from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, etc – even my NEX-6. The system even fits a film camera for those who still shoot film…

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