Kodak Professional DCS History

Kodak Professional DCS Camera

Toronto. Nowadays we recognize the early digital cameras as collectibles.  The DSLR has become a staple of the professional. With smart phones everyone has a camera – still and video – constantly at hand.

A few days ago my friend John Linsky suggested this link to the Digital Camera System history. The very name Kodak is intimately entwined in the early history of digital cameras. The earliest digital technology mated a Kodak sensor with Canon and later Nikon SLR cameras. These cameras were useful to  military and newspaper photographers alike.

For the first time the newspaper photographer could send his images by wire without taking a slow detour to a darkroom. The low resolution digital image vs. a higher resolution film print was not an issue since newspaper images by their very nature were printed as low resolution half tones. Time was of the essence as the lawyers say.

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