Canadian Historical Photographs

Photo c1890 from Mahone Bay Museum

Toronto. George Dunbar dropped me an email the first of the week.

George says, “A wonderful collection of historical photographs can be viewed at the Mahone Bay Museum (Nova Scotia) and web site

And it is indeed a wonderful site. I first heard the name Mahone Bay over 50 yeas ago. My friend George Ball had built a 14 foot outboard using a Mahone Bay hull. He and some friends spent a few winter evenings at a Toronto High School taking a woodworking class so they could have access to a large area and the needed power tools for the transom, gunnels, and front deck construction. In the 1970s my family and I vacationed in the maritimes and visited the very picturesque Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia.

Have a look at the Museum’s web site and enjoy the photographs which may include your ancestors… My ancestors on my mother’s side have Nova Scotian roots.


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