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Houston TX Photo Van

Toronto. I first met my friend Fritz Schulze when he was with C. Zeiss Canada and organized the Historical Microscopical Society of Canada (HMSC) which eventually was merged with an American society. Many HMSC members were also PHSC members since many German optical houses manufactured microscopes, cameras and photographic lenses. In fact, Carl Zeiss Jena managed Zeiss Ikon, the largest consortium of camera makers ever formed.

On Monday, Fritz sent me the note about an annual Art Car parade in Houston, Texas. This year, one of the cars was festooned with hundreds of old film cameras. The car and parade were picked up by a Frankfurt newspaper that Fritz views occasionally, the Frankfurter Allgemeine.

Fritz comments, “I hope  you can trace the following: Houston Texas, Car Parade 2017 (around  April 9). Among the 200 or so cars on show is one Minivan completely covered with old cameras!!!

“What a sight (or what a waste of old cameras,  you might think). I found the picture on the website of the Frankfurter Allgemeine ( of April 9, a German national newspaper, always at the very end of the news is a unusual picture.”

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