A 1904 Wedding movie captures four photographers

Stereo Photographer at 1904 Wedding

Toronto. George Dunbar turns up the most unusual sources. The other day he suggested we look a a web site for the American National Public Radio (NPR). The NPR site published this article by Colin Dwyer yesterday (February 16. 2017) called “WATCH: Is This [Marcel] Proust? Scholars Say They’ve Finally Found Author On Film“.

Included is a short movie clip taken at a 1904 wedding. Colin Dwyer says, “Jean-Pierre Sirois-Trahan, professor at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada, says he has found the notoriously solitary writer in footage of the 1904 wedding of Élaine Greffulhe.” This clip is courtesy of the Minstere de la Culture, Les Archives du film du Cenrew ational de la cinematographie in France.

Of even greater interest to photo historians are brief images of the photographers of the day. Early in the clip, a photographer takes hand held shots with a stereo camera, its case strapped over his shoulder. Moments later sharp eyes will see another photographer carrying a huge tripod mounted stills camera down  the stairs. Later in the movie there is a third fellow carrying a hand held bellows camera and then a fourth man slipping what looks like a movie camera or a glass plates case into its leather bag. Perhaps there are even more cameras – take a close, a really close look!

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