JollyLook Instant Camera

JollyLook Instant Instax Camera from Popular Photography article.

Toronto. Thanks to Russ Forfar for this link to a blast from the past as a Toronto AM music radio station used to say before playing a musical oldie. In my youth a number of photography magazines served us instead of Google and the web to show the newest ideas, how to do better at photography, test and compare camera gear, etc.

Russ passed on this link to Popular Photography. An article called “Jollylook Is an Instant Film Camera With a Vintage Look and a Body Made of Paper and Cardboard” is the subject of the latest GEAR column by Stan Horaczek. The little camera is another user of Instax Instant Film, a film brand by Fujifilm of Japan. The link has a short video loop showing how you crank the print through the rollers in camera to develop and fix the image. The company plans to make this camera and is raising money through crowd sourcing a recent phenomenon which circumvents traditional means of raising funds.

After the second war, Edwin Land came out with his famous Polaroid film and Land camera. The cameras always had a techie bent and offered more controls than other cameras of that size and price. The film was a marvel. Land rightly predicted people want to see their pictures right away and his cameras and film made popular the saying “pictures in a minute“. ┬áThe down side for amateurs was the price of film and the lower detail of a print. If the focus was off, or too dark or light, you adjusted the camera and tried again. Each print was unique. No copy ability, and you paid even for ruined shots.

Of course today we use digital cameras and can see the result instantly. Fuzzy or dark/light shots can be repeated at no added cost. In camera software often lets you adjust things like colour, exposure, contrast, light balance, etc.

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