It’s a digital world after all!

Fibre Cable ready to be installed underground

Toronto. I woke this week to a heavy rumble. Bell finally began to install fibre lines on our street. In the next few weeks we will be able to switch our TV and land line telephone over to the internet and the internet protocol. This system, called Fibe TV, offers fibre to the home and high speed internet downloads and uploads, plus IPTV up to 4K – about 8x the resolution of the over the air TV I grew up with. Our best TV receiver at home at present is HD or high definition which is 4x the resolution of traditional TV.

We have seen the digital wave wash over and nearly crush traditional film based photography, nearly bring newspapers, magazines, and books to their knees, wipe out travel agencies and the music business, push traditional stores to the brink, and revolutionize our appliances and automobiles. This week I had my teeth x-rayed (a two year routine). The  dental assistant used a tiny sensor in my mouth and a small x-ray machine against my cheek. In seconds the result was on her computer screen. Low dosage and rapid results all thanks to digital technology.

Today’s cameras are almost all digital – in fact they are often smart phones. The most common camera on Flicker is the iPhone. It’s a digital world after all!

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